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My name is Mark. I'm a young entrepreneur who only recently finished school. At Webster's Wood, I turned a passion into a business.

Now, I create quality, handmade wooden gifts, including pens, keyrings, chopping boards, and many other pieces. This all stemmed from taking up woodwork in secondary school and never looking back

When I began secondary school, I took up the subject of woodwork. I instantly fell in love with the subject, and still love it to this day. My favourite part of woodworking was always turning pieces on the lathe. Since then, I have bought my own lathe, and tools, and have started turning pens, keychains, bottle openers and more. I started my business in February 2017, by making a wine display for my grandmother, and a teacher in school took interest in buying one.

In August of the same year, I decided to bring my business online, through my own website, and the use of Etsy. That's when I started selling to people I'd never met before. I sold at my first ever craft fair in December 2017, which I really enjoyed, and it really ignited the business side of things!

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