Webster's Wood August 2020 Update

The last few months have been hectic. Between sending orders from Father’s Day to accepting delivery of a brand new engraver a few weeks ago Webster’s Wood has been very busy lately.

Despite this, I realise that there was quite a long time of radio silence…

Between a staycation and organising things for many different aspects of my life I never got the chance to keep on top of these updates, or my social media for that matter.

I’m here now to tell you that my aim for the future is to maintain my social media presence, as well as keep to these monthly updates.

With the arrival of my new laser engraver, it brings endless possibilities for gifts with that added special touch to make it more personal. For any information about this, please don’t be afraid to contact me, and I’ll see how I can help!

I’m also glad to announce that I’ve scheduled more shop time into my week, meaning there’s less of a chance that a piece you might want will be sold out!

The final thing that I want to address in this month’s update is Christmas. Yes… Christmas. Although it is still 4 months away, at this stage of any normal year, I would already have my entire Christmas lineup of craft fairs, but due to COVID-19, there aren’t many of them happening this year, and because of this, I need your help! I am always so grateful for my customers for choosing to buy my products, but this festive season, I need more help than ever. It would be greatly appreciated if you could all help me by sharing my website, social media profiles, and contact details with your friends, families, colleagues, and anyone else who might be interested in buying handmade gifts for this Christmas Season.

Once again, thank you to all my customers, I hope you are all keeping well and safe, and don’t forget to check back next month for another update.

Thank you,