Webster's Wood June 2020 Update

This month, I have a lot of news to share with my customers. First off - this is my brand new website. It took a lot of work, and troubleshooting, but now it's live, and as far as I know, working properly!

Secondly, I have set up a business page for Webster's Wood. Both my Instagram and Facebook Accounts have the handle @websterswood.ie. I would really appreciate it if you could go over to both platforms and share my pages! It really helps me!

My Etsy Store has been completely updated - with new pictures and stock levels. You can shop online for my products by following this link to my Etsy store. If you buy from my Etsy Store, please be sure to share your experience online, and be sure to tag us on social media! Leaving a review on my Etsy Store would also be great!

Coming up this month is Father's Day. It's June 21st this year - Don't Forget! If you would like to order one of my pieces to show him how much you love him, you can contact me directly on my website, on my social media platforms, or shop on Etsy.

Finally, the biggest bit of news that I have is that production is back up and running! For those of you that don't know, exams here in Ireland have been cancelled, so I returned to production as soon as I was able to. I'm slowly building my stock reserves, so don't be afraid to get in touch to order something!

Thank you,